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Eyelash Extensions In Home

Shine Bright For Your Big Day With Eyelash Extensions In Home From Hampton's In Home Beauty Services

When beauty and luxury are demanded, Hampton's Mobile Beauty will arrive with a team of professionals, an array of premium services, and all of the pampering a person could need.

Let's explore the world of the number one source for Hamptons in home beauty services by underscoring the benefits of eyelash extensions at home by professional beauty gurus!

Eyelash Extensions In Home: Take Pride In Your Luxury!

Whether someone is preparing for a walk down the Red Carpet or for a big dinner party, they will want to look and feel their best. Eyelash extensions in home offer beauty services that clients can enjoy without lifting a finger or stepping outside of their home. When booking eyelash extensions at home, here are a few of the services that Hampton's Mobile Beauty can proudly offer.

  • Classic - The original eyelash extension, classic lash extensions involve a single natural lash paired with a single lash extension. Also known as 1:1 lash extensions, these are ideal for filling out sparse brows while adding length for a natural finish.

  • Mascara - Mascara lash extensions by HMB offer a full and dramatic flair without any extra work in the morning. Once applied, 2-week fills are highly recommended. 

  • Glam - For the big premiere or gala, clients need to look no further than glamorous eyelash extensions. As the thickest set of extensions offered, these are ideal for creating a head-turning look that is at once luxurious and refined.

  • Hybrid - Hybrid lashes mix classic and volume lashes into a single set, offering a more full look for individuals with naturally thinner lashes.

To enjoy premium Hamptons in home beauty services fit for a star, the team at Hampton's Mobile Beauty take care of business!

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