Facials In Home

Hampton's Mobile Beauty Provides Professional Facials In Home You Must See To Believe!

There are few better ways to reclaim our confidence than by exploring luxurious beauty services. Hampton's Mobile Beauty was created by Jessica Lanza to offer luxurious services meant to pamper every client that calls upon them. As one of the hottest Hamptonites and celebrity beauty gurus in the industry, how can Jessica and her team bring beauty and luxury to your front door?

Injectables In Home Services: Bringing Beauty to Your Front Door.

Injectables and facials have become a huge component of the beauty industry. While we understand that celebrities and models have to undergo these beneficial beauty treatments, there is no reason that we can't look and feel like A-Listers ourselves! Jessica has established a team of licensed and insured technicians who are prepared to help their clients to achieve their desired beauty results through injectables in home and facials in home.

Here are a few key in-home injectables and facials that clients throughout the Hamptons have been raving about!


  1. Botox - When it comes to injectables, Botox treatments stand a tier above the rest. Botox injections are a viable cosmetic procedure for individuals seeking a range of non-surgical benefits. Botox can provide visible anti-aging benefits as well as pain reduction concerning TMJ and even chronic migraines.

  2. Chemical Peels - Chemical peels are a form of exfoliation that rely on chemical solutions to scrub away dead skin cells from atop our skin. Chemical peel treatments can range in potency as well as targeted outcomes. From boosting skin hydration to clearing discoloration, explore chemical peels and their benefits with Hampton's Mobile Beauty!

  3. MicroBlading - It's never been easier to enjoy the finely tailored brows of our dreams. MicroBlading services are safe, effective, and incredibly rewarding. Schedule your service, today!

Jessica Lanza has spent the past 12 years of her life becoming the hottest Hamptonite for celebrity beauty styling. For individuals seeking to look their best, Hampton's Mobile Beauty is just a call away!