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Massages Mobile

Hampton's Mobile Beauty Takes Massages Mobile For Wellness In Home!

Life in the Hamptons is about luxury, convenience, and enjoying life. When it comes time to tackle all three of those points at once, individuals need only to pick up the phone to call on Hampton's Mobile Beauty!

Hamptons Mobile Beauty was founded by celebrity beauty guru, Jessica Eve. With more than 14 years of industry experience working as an in-home celebrity beauty guru, Jessica is uniquely qualified to provide a high level of luxury and beauty service to those who require them.

Wellness In Home Services Can Bring Joy and Comfort

  • Massages mobile services can provide a unique level of joy and comfort to those who need them. Whether someone is looking to feel better after a long week of work or they want to explore the healing touch of a Reiki session, Hamptons Mobile Beauty can provide support. Here are a few different services to consider when it comes time to treat the mind, body, and soul.

  • Healing Reiki Services - Hamptons Mobile Beauty works in conjunction with Bluefire Healing to offer healing Reiki services. Reiki treatments are associated with reductions in stress, feelings of calmness, and even feelings of emotional wellbeing. Massages mobile services can incorporate Reiki, just contact the team to find out how at 631-764-9195

  • Professional Massages - Hamptons Mobile Beauty works with LMT's who specialize in the practice of Swedish, Prenatal, and Deep Tissue massages. The integration of acupressure can also provide an additional beneficial boost. Treatments incorporate therapeutic essential oils and sessions are available in 60 and 90-minute blocks.

  • Yoga/Pilates - To round out feelings of health and wellness, yoga and Pilates sessions are also available through single-class and bulk packages. Sessions are overseen by certified professionals with years of industry experience in the field.


Don't hesitate to treat yourself when luxury is on the menu at Hamptons Mobile Beauty!

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