Spray Tans Mobile

Spray Tans Mobile Services: Look Your Best Without Leaving Home!

Hampton's Mobile Beauty was founded by Jessica Lanza, one of the Hamptonite's most prominent celebrity beauty gurus. To provide at-home beauty services, spray tans, and mobile waxing, Jessica hopes to bring a slice of luxury to every client that requests her services.

Here are a few reasons to consider Hampton's Mobile Beauty for your next appointment!


  1. Spray Tans Mobile Delivery - Hampton's Mobile Beauty offers full-service spray tans to those who need them. Full-body services start at just $100 while 5 and 10-Tan packages are available at a discount.

  2. Professional & Prepared Staff - Jessica Lanza has a dozen years of experience in the beauty industry. She has a carefully curated staff of licensed and insured professionals. From LMTs who specialize in Deep Tissue massages to eyelash extensions and waxing services, clients have access to the pros they need.

  3. Luxury On Demand - As a mobile beauty service company, HMB is proud to offer home delivery on all beauty services. Schedule a time and date and simply wait for Jessica and her team to arrive!