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Skillful, passionate, and dedicated to her craft, Jessica Eve is one of the hottest Hamptonite and celebrity beauty gurus in the industry today. With over 14 years of experience, she has established herself as the go-to expert for all things beauty. Jessica's specialties are Waxing (her Brazilians are the BEST in the Hamptons), Lash Extensions & Spray Tanning. 


 Her team of equally talented, Licensed & Insured, professionals makes the list of services offered on HMB. 

Jessica and the HMB team's work can be seen not only on the red carpet but also in magazines such as in Harper's Bazaar, Rolling Stone and Shape, Hamptons Magazine, Dan's Papers, The Today Show, CNN, Danielle Hamptons and more!  

Always, providing the best services and professionalism it is now time to go with the current pandemic and keep everyone safe, beautiful, and confident at the same time. 

Jessica is proud to introduce

Enjoy! And always EXPECT the best, guaranteed.

With love,

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