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Permanent Make Up

Live Your Best Life With Permanent Make Up and Eyebrow Shaping Services.

The world of beauty and wellness has been constantly evolving, especially here in the Hamptons where beauty and luxury are always sought after! There are many fantastic ways to dramatically improve a beauty routine, and none more so than through affordable mobile beauty services.

Today, we want to explore the beneficial permanent make up and eyebrow shaping services available at Hampton's Mobile Beauty, one of the premier luxury mobile beauty companies in all of the Hamptons!

Permanent Make Up 101: Book Your Consultation, Today!

Permanent makeup is a fascinating cosmetic process that utilizes micro-pigmentation, a process not dissimilar to tattooing. This process is utilized not only to add to our natural features but also to enhance the shape and color of them, as well! Permanent make up can be a fantastic way to alleviate the burden of a lengthy morning makeup routine while enjoying long-lasting professional makeup services.

Permanent and semi-permanent makeup can be applied by a trained professional at Hampton's Mobile Beauty. Permanent makeup and eyebrow shaping services can be ordered right to the front door thanks to these mobile beauty services! Among the most commonly sought-after permanent make-up solutions are the following!

  • Microblading - Microblading is a tattooing technique that adds semi-permanent pigment to the skin, typically our eyebrows. The effects of this cosmetic service can last up to 30 months, though touch-up applications are always available.

  • Lip Tint - Add a burst of color and refined luxury with lip tinting services. Lip tints and stains are long-lasting, non-invasive cosmetic services that can provide color as well as a glossy, shine, or matte finish.

  • Powder Brows - Also known as Ombre Brows, powdered brows are a semi-permanent technique for creating softer, powdered-looking brows that offer more complete coverage.

To enjoy mobile at-home beauty services, simply head to Hampton's Mobile Beauty to book an appointment, today!

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